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Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Capirotada" Tumblewords presentation by Victor Hernandez

So this week I managed to go to Donna Snyder’s Tumblewords Writing Project.

This has successfully made it to the internet. and you can check it out, blog in it, etc...

This week’s presenter, Victor Hernandez, brought several art pieces.

I wrote a bit about them in poetry. No fair to give all the details. you have to go to these workshops and experience them for yourselves.

However, you might find his work on:

YouTube search "Devil Why Must You Persue Me?"

that’s just icing on the cake... for a taste.

Speaking of tastes. yes, the title of the presentation he calls "Capirotada" which is a traditional Mexican bread pudding. It has a bit of everything. So he showed us a bit of his different artwork to inspire the group in writing.

here we go...

Bread Pudding Art
(poem complementing a fellow artist)

Chop up your bread
add spices and ingredients:
cheese, cloves, peanuts...
color it up!
sprinkles & honey
preheat oven...
yada yada--
bake it up...
As you taste and eat,
plywood sculptures
of Jesus (heh-zooss)
& the U.S. flag
portraits of former
lovers & friends
angry cartooning
massively wild -
ink sketching:
Can-Can dancing
bread slicing
dead man’s guts...
in pencil:
desktop Nazi skeleton
In reverse,
an etching of
a gross dog pooping...
Intricately detailed:
a batikh vampiress
a clamation video-
mocking the devil
(Thanks Victor Hernandez)
quite a cook
your pudding is good,

Karla Lopez - 29 March ’08

Sharing Capirotada Art

etches, sketches
paintings, meltings

random pictures
on different fixtures

moldings, foldings
drapings, scrapings

different shapes
of human apes

multi talents
a person can have

good to share
with an artist staff

show me yours
I show you mine

Shake hands, smile,
and pat the spine

Karla Lopez -- 29 March ’08


Loving a Color ’Purple’

Ice floating in
Blue Violet
in tasty grape
by pure cane
12 fluid ounces
the equivalent of
355 mL
a product of Canada
tasty sodium and carbs
Blue Violet...
in a clear cup
with ice
relaxing the throat
exciting my taste buds
matching the beads
on the bangle I wear
Blue Violet...
My healing color
the beverage in bottle
its bottle cap reads,
"You just helped save
a child’s eyesight."
I hope that they can see
Purple, Blue Violet.

-- Karla Lopez 29 March ’08


Donna said...

Thanks, Karla Lopez, for the spotlight, and for the poems. Hooray for tumblewordsproject blogspot!

Anonymous said...

love the graphics & poetry. keep it coming