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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The More the Merrier

I am glad to see this new and revised Tumblewords Project Blog site, maybe now we can talk to each other about the future of the Spoken Word in the Southwest Region of the United States. We seem to be growing...with some pains...but growing still. Thanks to those that can have vision of the road to be traveled, and how to get there...where ever there is... We definately need a calendar or events section to advertise up coming open mics, lectures, readings, and maybe even some organizing functions. Also maybe a "what do we do next"...section, where people can express their thoughts on pointing the way forward. The more voices, the merrier, and the more can be heard, positive or negative. Oh yeah, we should have a "i wanna bitch about"...section...too!!! 03/26/08

1 comment:

writers & poets said...

hmmm-I don't know about the last section. we may get a red flag.