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Saturday, June 14, 2008

how do I add the name of other blogs to my list of blogs?

when I first signed onto this blog, I thought I was able to list other blogs that I like, or that I am a member of--now I can't figure out how to do that--I want a list of blogs at the bottom of my profile, but I don't even know how to find any other blogs except by clicking on one of the names in our list of members--please help!!!


MMM said...

Sign in to your account. Go to Dashboard. Scroll down to bottom right & click on Edit Profile. Scroll down, click on Show My Blogs, then again on Select Blogs to Display. You can add other blogs.

hope this helps. hasta pronto.

Donna said...

thanks, but I have already tried that, and when I select show my blogs, the only one it shows is ours, and it tells me I must not have added any blogs. also, since the second or third time I logged on, I can no longer figure out how to search for specific blogs. arggh. this is infuriating. it makes me feel both incompetent and antiquated, all at once. not to mention stupid.