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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Emerald Heart, via Chuck Taylor presentation 28 June 08

on 28 June '08, writer/poet Chuck Taylor presented at Tumblewords Project, writing workshop. His theme was based on the heart chakra.


"Breathing Crystalized" - Chevalterre Nabil

Why is it so hard to breathe?
Why do I feel this pain?
It is only in my mind
a feeling not quite sane.

You see how well I am
I sound and look well
But deep down inside
my crystal green heart did swell.

I carry a bag
with things I like
sometimes I forget
the cigarettes and match to stike.

When and why I smoke
I do not know.
But it is like an incense
letting the bad out-flow.

Sometimes I don't need
the actual substance
but I imagine it
and air comes in great abundance.

art animation: Emerald Heart (this is the crystal green heart mentioned in the poem.)



Untiltled: - Chevalterre Nabil

I lean on his chest
he embraces me
warm and soft he feels
All is calm
all is serene

Suddenly, this annoying ticking
makes my neck stiff
and back ache.

Is that your watch?
He doesn't answer...

I freak out
and yell,
"What's going on?!"

He plays with my mind
and plays with my heart

the robot under his skin
As I see the war scars
like a zipper
used to close up the suit


I leave him...
he tried to have unprotected sex.

Well, at least my Heart goes,

I don't date machines!


Later, during the Tumblewords presentation, Chuck asked us to remember or create some catch-phrases... this is what I came up with:

1. At least my heart doesn't tick. - CN
2. Your heart's a ticking time bomb. - CN
3. If you do not empathize, you have no heart. - CN
4. The heart of an amphibean has drowned the heart of a mammal. - CN

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