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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Walls Around Me

New Art:

Photos of my wall falling apart, distorted and tweaked via


Rusty Walls

Rusty Walls

POEM: Dear A.G. Les
by Chevalterre Nabil, 20 Sept. 08

Why does the lesbian have such hate?

Why does the lesbian have to judge?

Generalizing towards a bisexual woman.

Her statement burning my ears,
"All of YOU ruin it for US!"

After I accepted her caresses...
After she bought me a drink...

And she almost gave her my number.

She'd even asked why I thought she was cute.

Instead of allowing me to tell her
about her smile,
her stride,
her eyes,
and dark skin...

Instead she pierces
like the bullet from the sniper's gun.

The A.G. in the emerald green shirt.

She played me like a man.
Like a dude with a bulge on his crotch.


I cannot mate with her.

Perhaps someday a kinder Les,
not so A. G.
will come around
and be sincere?

Dear A. G.,
Don't promise me
and least --
your money
matching your attire.

Don't presume
spiritual connection.

Don't ask if I'm okay.

Don't pretend to be a man.

You're a woman.
 And so am I.

So next time,
just stop.
And listen
to a woman's heart.

Your aunt
may tell you that someday.



"(Dear A. G. Les) Reprise"
by Chevalterre Nabil, 20 Sept. 2008


air-headed imagination wondering
without experience.

Be decided
and be Real.

and lesbians

leave them alone.

You have your husband,
you have your man.

Go to the swingers' club,
but leave us alone.

is your lifestyle.

is mine.

Educate yourself
and you'll be fine.

I'm not curious,
I'm not green.

I know what I want.
I know what I mean.

I saw the girls huddled
in the corner of the bar:

Crying she was...
gentle butch,
with spiky hair.

A straight, married girl
lead her on,
toyed with her heart.

But the girls said,
"She's not gay,
she's confused!"

I agree,
her intentions are fake.
don't feel abused.

I know what you think.
I know what you feel.


Not easy,
with which to deal.

I hope when you meet
another bisexual

that she's like me...

Monogomous and clean.

Then the relationship
to develop

Will be real

and serene.

I don't care.

I don't care. 

Nancy Friend

Nancy Friend

Poor Twisted Child

Poor Twisted Child

  POEM: "Love Sick" by Chevalterre Nabil, 24 Sept, 07 

  Dark and dreary 
  are your kisses 

  Moon beams enter 
  and the mist is... 

  Floating in the air 
  while you caress my hair. 

  I must leave you 

  Addicting it is 
  to feel you. 

 (dedicated to Jon P.)



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