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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Independence Day, 10 year revisit memoir.

Three new poems, and my favorite classic song encorporated to accompany as you read. (in my three favorite versions of "Rose Garden"

First Port Visit, July 1998

Pulling into port.

Melendez (the other Carla) calls 'em "russianos".
She's from L.A.
She's excited to see Russians

1st day, port visit.

Brody was lucky
During the locally famous baritone's concert
she was kissed by another singer
Unluckily, later she was bit by a gypsy's monkey at the plaza.

Had dinner with the Lesbian-Gay bunch
paid six dollars for clean bottled water

while I intervene in with the violin accompanied on piano.
And our waitress is off making out with the other waitress
we can hear their moans and giggles.

I watch the Chicano boys become more drunk than the Russkies

And pretty boy Mendivil
took me to his dry-stock shack
to show off his tongue piercing.
I walked off to go to sleep.
Some girl saw us stepping out,
the stupidest rumor that broke him up
with the worst gossip...
two years later.
Never date the gossip from New Mexico!

N. E. w-a-y-s...

2nd day, port visit

Wore my best black Indian dress
at a picnic COMREL (community relations) event
mingle with my friends
I was at my smallest, size 12
and bust almost bursting out of the dress.

3rd day
Last day of port visit...

4th of July, 1998 in Vladivastok
Sunset's 10 at night
mile-long walk on the beach...
south end's cold
he snuck some fresh apples...
from the galley
north end's hot

buy a quick coke and burger with cucumbers and carrots as fix-ins
chill and watch the "babushka" sun-bathers in their 50's with their grandkids
check out all the hot boys
take pictures with them in trios.

your shipmate and you dressed in whites
trying to keep away from the 12-year old gypsy girl

be watchful of your uniform items
they'll be traded in for zippos
learn some lingo
"yaponski konfiete"
That's Japanese candy
to drive the middle-finger-flipping kids away
Yell at them "niet!"
but it only brings more of them.

Hideout and at the pizzeria
there is no pizza, nor is the toilet clean
drink some vodka
as the last of the RM's and new IT's arm restle

later the lying Vlad sitting by the boom box
we listen to Julio Iglesias' "Nostalgie"
a local favorite
he lies about his travels to China...
why would he lie?
after all, it's just across the bay.

tag-along later with your shipmate, Becker
while he looks for his love, Olga
As the sun goes down
we have an hour left of Liberty
he finds her
they makeout at the beach parking lot
and I make small talk with some boys
as we all watch the "fiereverke"
and the fireworks spark between Olga and Becker
and the town-drunk, (he's been drinking since 5 a.m.)
attacks us
I got spit in my eye...
while one of the boys
insults Mexico for being known for it's drugs
and he still insults the U.S.
it's a fair opinion.

After all, he's happy unhappy to be Russian.
Our ship's command has invaded for a few days.
And the town of Vladivastok
has turned on its power
and "fiereverke"
just for us.

The U.S. Navy.

American Stereotype

I'm sitting patiently

in my Pacific-Asian influenced outfit

carrying a woven tote.

I forgot to put on my eye makeup

and I'm waiting for the next song

It's karaoke night

and I want to sing

a little blue grass

and later some punk rock

but before I get called

the cutest guy comes up and asks

"Eres Mexicana? yo soy Mexiquense!"

I answer, "No, yo soy de aqui."

He pushes the compliment that I look SO Mexican.

I humbly thank him and blush a little.

I like my features.

Then he asks...


"te ves muy bonita"

I think... "what's this fool talking about?"

I ask in reply,

"QUE?! Ya no te entiendo."

And I cross my arms, trying to look past him.

Then with his smile still attached to his cheeks,

he explains, he's Mexican and Catholic.

I ease up, kiss him gently on the lips

and thank him for the acquaintance.

In silence, as to not hurt his feelings,

I shout...

"Soy orgullosa de ser Americana, Estado-unidense!

en este pais puedo escoger mi forma de ser

especialmente ser espiritual y no religiosa."

In translation, and please don't get lost...

I'm proud to be an American.

Classic American cars and Traditional burger joints

they gave the 'Cute as a Button' "VW" a little German accent on its' new television commercial
and someone voiced "racism" due to its past 'Hitler revenge'.
The poor new buggy, I think was mistreated.
After all, it's the hottest little ride in all of Mexico.

So it's not such an American classic to some
(hard to drive through the Franklin Mountains during June winds)...

But ya sure gotta love riding in and drivin up to a burger joint,
and have a:

Chico's Tacos burger with your double-cheese tacos in your
'Aristocratic' "Lincoln Continental"
while listening to Radio La Chusma

Get a ten-burger pack for the whole chusma de chamacos
from the Original Hamburger Stand in your
'French' "Pontiac Parisienne

Cruise on up to Scenic drive with your date and
'Animal Magnetism' of a 70's "Ford Mustang", "Mercury Cougar", "Corvette Stingray", "Plymouth Barracuda"
(and I just can't make up my mind cause they're all so hot!)
well just cruise on up there after the BBQ burger with your Familia

Take a lunch break at Sonic in your
'Wall Street Power Broker' cherry red 1967 "Pontiac Executive"

I can see my Chilango neighbors in their
'Don't-Mess-With-Me' "Lamborgini Diablo
heading to pick a massive stack at Carl's Junior
(where, BTW they can use their pesos!)

Did you ever make some noise in a
'Vroom! Vroom!' "Triumph Spitfire" or "Pontiac Gran Prix"
on your way through Wendy's?

Were you a 'Good Citizen' enough to take the
"Honda Civic", "Acura Integra", "Plymouth Reliant"
to Burger King?

Role play with your blind date...
in your 'Secret Agent' "Dodge Stealth", "Dodge Shadow",
or sexy "RollsRoyce Phantom"
and get dumped as she discovers you're cheap
by ordering from the dollar menu at McDonald's!

watcha! your neighbor with the
little box-like Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear
Heading to Jack-in-the-Box...

Some fantastic cars
and your mouth's watering?...

quieres ir?
for a Kahuna burger
before karaoke at the Briar Patch
on a Sunday afternoon...

Some come on already
pick up this White Eagle on your
'Bird of Prey'
My ultimate favorite:
a 1956, snow white
"Ford Thunderbird"

Ya tengo hambre!

*other sources:,, - translator*

** Poems written by Chevalterre Nabil on the 1st of July, 2008


writers & poets said...

So I love Kon Kan. I'm a total 80's girl & I can never get enough. It's one of my favorite songs. Poetry is refreshing too. Thanks a bunch.

Donna said...

thank you so much for sharing this anniversary with us. your poetry always transports me to another world--that's cool, thanks. thanks for reading and posting. any ideas about how to improve the blog? am sure maria joins me in soliciting input----