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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calavera 2008

"Dying to Feel Better"
-- C. N. Nov. 1, 2008

God! I wanna die.

Cut off my nose, despite my face
And stuff carnations
to not smell the garbage burning.

My eyes popped out,
replaced by Amethysts
They make me more observant, beyong the periferal.

The noodle in my skull, keeps growing vines
with morning glories, miguelitos, and grapes.
People like to pick at my brain.

Implant two more pairs of arms
so I can finish all I need to do
without calling for help.

Amputate my feet
as to make them stop aching.
I'll keep them safe in a sandbox.
Letting droplets of sea tickle my toes.

Send me to heaven
with a good pair of Eagle wings.
They'll alleviate the muscle spasms.
And I'll fly to Europe.

Finally, make me skinny...
I'm not fat nor ugly, liking how I look.
But I feel pretty heavy.

Being alive is killing me
How soon will I die again?

I have to schedule a party with some friends.
They're tired and stressed.
With their heads chopped off, they'll gripe less.
Pull out our lungs, we'll smoke forever.
While you're at it, slash our guts out.
We'll feast and drink to our ends' desires!


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