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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dragon's Eyes

Art by MY LOGO
Poem written at Tumblewords Project, the Saturday afternoon writing workshop,

on October 25, 2008

by Chevalterre Nabil
"The Dragon's Eyes"
A million colored petals

surrounding black, venemous pollen
They are a yellow,

entangling grey,

with green and blue frosting.
All inside the white spherish orb -

restrained within the socket

and crimson vessels.
Protected by freckled eyelids

and long, black curls.
The dragon, in disguise...

cruisin' the floor

with his promiscuous ways -
The hips sway,

side to side.
Abs curling

in and out.
Tight torso

inside black spandax -
Under the denim pair,

it matters not.
His suitors encircle,

more than entertained!
They're pretending to be with him

in a safer, more secluded place.
I've been watching him.
To him,

my existance matters no more
than the blink
of his eyes.

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